Triple Trouble

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The always elegant Esperanza Del Horno is leaving on a business trip. Erik Everhard, her boyfriend, takes advantage of the fact she’s gone to book dates with girls he met online. Lucy Heart and Rebecca Volpetti are surprised to have been double-booked, but they make the most of it by initiating a threesome! However, they are soon interrupted by Esperanza, who returns home and catches her boyfriend in the act of not only cheating on her with one girl, but two sluts! These three cock hungry hotties then decide to gang up on poor Erik, who gets punished by getting overwhelmed with pussy galore! Will Erik be able to satisfy all three of these luscious ladies, or will Esperanza realize that she should go away more often, especially if it means that she’ll be able to share her boyfriend’s big dick with two of the hottest sluts Europe has to offer!

The hottest group sex ever!

Group Discount

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Erik Everhard and his friends Renato and Raul Costa are vacationing in Europe where they are supposed to share an apartment with Rebecca Volpetti. When they show up to her place, they find her masturbating in the living room. Far from being shocked by the intrusion, Rebecca gives them a tour of the place before sneakily sucking Renato’s cock in one of the bedrooms. Then, the horny slut ventures into the living room where she teases her ass to Raul! While Raul plays with her butt plug and fingers her pussy, Renato’s big cock keeps Rebecca’s mouth busy! When Erik eventually catches them, Rebecca invites him to join the fun! With three cocks to take care off, Rebecca has her hands, mouth and holes full as a hot gangbang ensues and the guys get her airtight in no time! After all, that’s why she likes giving group discount!

The hottest group sex ever!

Creamy And Delicious

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Rebecca Volpetti and Haley Hill (a.k.a. Vyvan Hill) were chilling at JJ’s house. Renato started kissing the girls. They returned the favor with a two-girl-blowjob. This is something every man should have on his bucket list. This is when Matt Bird walked in. Rebecca switched her attention to his pecker. Soon they were fucking the girls in sync. When Rebecca started to make out with Renato, he discovered that she really liked having a finger up her ass. So he put his dick in instead! Matt also was looking for some anal action so they switched the girls again. In the end everybody was licking, sucking and fucking everybody, a full blown orgy. Renato creampied Haley, Matt came into Rebecca’s mouth. Maybe we should all do a Europe trip?

The hottest group sex ever!